We would like to invite you to volunteer to help your fellow rehabilitators by joining one or our standing committees at CCWR.

Committee participation is a great way to share your skills and build your own network of rehabilitators.

Applicants must be CCWR members in good standing, able to communicate via email on a regular basis, be willing to attend one committee meeting per year within California and be able to focus beyond their local group or region to represent rehabilitators in all regions of the state. All Committee member positions are for a term of at least one year.

Please contact the Committee chair for more information. You may click on their name to send an email.

→You may also complete the Committee Application form online and it will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chair or co-chairs.


The purpose of the Advocacy and Education Committee is to give CCWR an opportunity to get involved in wildlife issues, give CCWR a voice in Sacramento, give our members a forum on wildlife issues and keep members informed on current legislation in California pertaining to wildlife issues.

  • Elissa Blair, Chair
  • Rachel Avilla
  • January Bill
  • Veronica Bowers
  • Nancy Conney
  • Devin Dombrowski
  • Jo Joseph
  • Ashton Kluttz
  • Kelle Kacmarcik
  • Susan Pfau
  • Fauna Tomlinson
  • Shawnie Williams


Identify members who have made significant contributions to the field of wildlife rehabilitation. Assist in creating recognition events, communications, presentations and materials.


Maintain financial records; prepare annual budgets; report to board regularly and to the general membership at the annual meeting.


Procures materials necessary for educational labs and workshops held at CCWR symposium.


Build membership for CCWR through assistance in marketing, member communications and database update and maintenance.


Recruit and evaluate potential new board members, educates and assist new board members with expected duties.

Publications Coordinator

The primary purpose of the Publications Coordinator is to facilitate dialogue between other committees needing public promotional material.

 Digital Community

Monitor and approve postings to the members email network. Interview and welcome new members; publicize the service.

  • Lucinda Adamson
  • Rachel Avilla
  • Veronica Bowers
  • Shannon Riggs, DVM


Periodically reviews the membership current brochure for CCWR for needed changes and enhance as necessary.

  • Shannon Riggs, DVM, Co-Chair
  • Kathy Bolen
  • Janey Powers
  • Marie Travers


Communicate with members through print, with story suggestions and photo contributions, writing or proofreading assistance.

  • Leslie Bale, Co-Chair
  • Sharron Baird
  • Marie Travers


Build awareness of CCWR through assistance in web marketing, member communications, resource updates, website maintenance and technical support.

  • webmaster@ccwr.org
  • Rachel Avilla
  • Kathy Bolen, Co-Chair
  • Star Dewar
  • Shannon Riggs, DVM
  • Karen Scheuermann


Solicit scholarship donations; publicize scholarship opportunities; evaluate applications.


Assists in securing silent auction items, locating and recommending vendors, speakers and potential venues for future locations, assembling registration materials, mailing announcements, staffing tables at the symposium, tallying evaluations and other related duties.