A Few Definitions…in our Digital Community

ENews: Monthly digital update with general information for members and other subscribers. Sent out to over 600 emails each month. Issue archive available online in members only area. We are always looking for content, so please – don’t be shy!

Newsletter: A more formal twice a year newsletter with more emphasis on CDFW liaison and committee reports. Issue archive available online in members only area.The newsletter will be changing format (no hard copy any more) and name for the next issue.

Gaggle Group Email: Opt-in members-only group email system for civil discussions between CCWR members on a variety of topics. This replaced the former Yahoo group, which became difficult to manage. If you are a member of the group, you can send email to ccwrlist@ccwr.org to contact the list. If you are not a member, the email will bounce back. If you are a CCWR member in good standing and want to participate in the group, send your request to join to webmaster@ccwr.org. Changing your member profile will not automatically add you to the Gaggle group email list.

CCWR Facebook Page: This is a public Facebook page with the Board Executive Committee acting as the admins on the site. You can follow us at https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaCouncilforWildlifeRehabilitators/

If you have questions about any of the publications, please feel free to contact the board at info@ccwr.org.