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Cathartes aura (turkey vulture) (Region 5)

Submitted by Misha Body ( on March 5, 2018 2:08 pm
Phone: 213-744-2605
Affiliation: California Science Center, Los Angeles, California

Age: 4+
Gender: Male
Placement Urgency: Soon
Condition: This turkey vulture is unable to extend one of his wings due to an injury. He was rehabilitated in the San Jose, CA area and has been with us for the past 4 years.
Training: He has learned to enter a crate and station on a scale as well as on a piece of carpet.
Recommendation: He would do well in a space with plenty of room for him to choose his distance from people. Ideally his space should include options to climb or jump onto with flat surfaces for landing after he jumps. He has lived with two roadrunners for the time that he has been with us with no issues.
Comments: Other than his wing injury, he is a healthy bird. He interacts with behavioral enrichment such as cardboard boxes, newspaper, and PVC tubes. He will chase and eat large crickets and super worms that are toss fed toward him or in enrichment items.