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Recommended Books

Introduction to Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation

IntroAquaticBIrdRehapCoverWritten by rehabilitators with extensive experience with all wildlife and who are specialists in aquatic bird care, An Introduction to Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation is meant for you, the wildlife care giver.

An Introduction to Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation, a 150 page manual for wildlife rehabilitators, features a section on each aspect of caring for wild aquatic birds: Anatomy, Handling, Physical Examination, Captivity-related Problems, Feather function and structure, Waterproofing, Diet, Housing, and Release. With over 100 B&W and Color Photos, appendices covering common parasites, often used medications, and re-usable protective keel wraps, as well as a full glossary, this manual is a first of its kind. With examples intended for the novice or experienced rehabilitator, and with suggestions to meet any budget while still providing quality care.

Copyright © 2012 by Bird Ally X
Published by Bird Ally X, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Helping Wild Birds and the People who care for them.
Authors: Bill, January O., Corsiglia, Laura, Masvidal, Vann, Merrick, Monte, Riggs, Shannon M., DVM

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Wildlife Rehabilitator Resources: Pharmacology


Edited by Lessie M. Davis 2011 – 61pp

Table of Contents

Scaling Drug Dosages for Animals of Diverse Body Sizes
by Charles J. Sedgwick, DVM, Alison Haskell, and Mark A. Pokras, DVM

Dealing With Drugs: Things We Should Be Thinking About
by Erica A. Miller, DVM

Antibiotic Basics
by John R. Huckabee, DVM

Antifungal Therapy in the Wildlife Patient
by David L. McRuer, DVM

Treating Internal Parasites
by Cheryl Hoggard, DVM

Vaccine Use in Wildlife Patients
by David L. McRuer, DVM

Throw Away Your Dex! A Polemic on Why Rehabilitators Should NOT Use Dexamethasone
by Mark A. Pokras, DVM, and Maureen Murray, DVM

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Because They Matter…


By Cindi Traisi

“Rehabilitation is one of the most heartrending and often thankless jobs in the whole field of animal work. Cindy Traisi has somehow made it all wonderful and rewarding – not only for us, the readers of these en grossing stories, but more importantly for the animals themselves, whom she and Chuck so dearly love.”

— Cleveland Amory, President, Fund for Animals and author of The Cat Who Came for Christmas.

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Because They Matter, Too


By Cindi Traisi

“Because They Matter, Too is filled with new heart-lifting and heartbreaking stories of the wild animals that live all around us in Southern California. If you love nature, or just love expert story-telling, Because They Matter, Too is a must read. As my daughters put it: just one more Cindy! Better yet… keep them coming, Cindy.”

— Loren Nancarrow, Weathercaster and Environmental Reporter- KGTV San Diego

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The Raccoon Next Door: Getting Along with Urban Wildlife


By Gary Bogue

Publisher Comments: Author Gary Bogue presents stories, anecdotes, and sound advice for coexisting with the common creatures that you might encounter in the front yard, backyard, and sometimes even inside your home. Chuck Todd’s illuminating illustrations bring the animals to life in vivid detail. The species discussed in the book include everything from coyotes to mountain lions, tarantulas to earwigs, and newts to salamanders, as well as song-birds and butterflies. Learn how to be a good animal neighbor using down-to-earth, practical, and homey advice that will show you how to live in harmony with those wild and crazy skunks who like to party all night long!

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Nests, Eggs, and Nestlings of North American Birds: Second Edition


A Guide to the Nests, Eggs, and Nestlings of North American Birds provides a thorough, species-by-species guide to the breeding biology of the birds of North America. Some 670 breeding species are described in full, covering the birds of a vast area, from the Arctic to the southern boundary of the continental United States. The main text presents complete basic information on the breeding cycle of each species, summarized in a natural sequence: nest habitat, nest-site, nest construction, breeding season, eggs, incubation and nesting and nestling period. More than 700 color and line illustrations provide valuable information on the identification of the nests, eggs, and nestlings of 597 species. The book covers perhaps the most fascinating aspects of North American bird life, their reproduction and the care of their young, essential elements in the survival of any species.

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Hawks from Every Angle


By Jerry Liquori and David Sibley

Identifying hawks in flight is a tricky business. Across North America, tens of thousands of people gather every spring and fall at more than one thousand known hawk migration sites–from New Jersey’s Cape May to California’s Golden Gate. Yet, as many discover, a standard field guide, with its emphasis on plumage, is often of little help in identifying those raptors soaring, gliding, or flapping far, far away.

Hawks from Every Angle takes hawk identification to new heights. It offers a fresh approach that literally looks at the birds from every angle, compares and contrasts deceptively similar species, and provides the pictures (and words) needed for identification in the field. Jerry Liguori pinpoints innovative, field-tested identification traits for each species from the various angles that they are seen.

Featuring 339 striking color photos on 68 color plates and 32 black & white photos, Hawks from Every Angle is unique in presenting a host of meticulously crafted pictures for each of the 19 species it covers in detail–the species most common to migration sites throughout the United States and Canada. All aspects of raptor identification are discussed, including plumage, shape, and flight style traits.

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Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health 1st Edition

ZoobiquityCoverBy Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers

In the spring of 2005, cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz was called to consult on an unusual patient: an Emperor tamarin at the Los Angeles Zoo. While examining the tiny monkey’s sick heart, she learned that wild animals can die of a form of cardiac arrest brought on by extreme emotional stress. It was a syndrome identical to a human condition but one that veterinarians called by a different name—and treated in innovative ways.

This remarkable medical parallel launched Natterson-Horowitz on a journey of discovery that reshaped her entire approach to medicine. She began to search for other connections between the human and animal worlds: Do animals get breast cancer, anxiety-induced fainting spells, sexually transmitted diseases? Do they suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia, addiction?
The answers were astonishing. Dinosaurs suffered from brain cancer. Koalas catch chlamydia. Reindeer seek narcotic escape in hallucinogenic mushrooms. Stallions self-mutilate. Gorillas experience clinical depression.

Joining forces with science journalist Kathryn Bowers, Natterson-Horowitz employs fascinating case studies and meticulous scholarship to present a revelatory understanding of what animals can teach us about the human body and mind. “Zoobiquity” is the term the authors have coined to refer to a new, species-spanning approach to health. Delving into evolution, anthropology, sociology, biology, veterinary science, and zoology, they break down the walls between disciplines, redefining the boundaries of medicine.
Zoobiquity explores how animal and human commonality can be used to diagnose, treat, and heal patients of all species. Both authoritative and accessible, offering cutting-edge research through captivating narratives, this provocative book encourages us to see our essential connection to all living beings.

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One Wing’s Gift


By Joan Harris

Publisher Comments: “One Wing’s Gift” tells the heartwarming stories of birds rescued by the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Marvel at the fascinating relationships that develop between birds and humans.

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