2017 Symposium Presentations (Subject to Change)


  • A Future for California's Mountain Lions

Lynn Cullens, Mountain Lion Foundation

  • Avian Wash Lab Lecture

January Bill, Bird Ally X

  • Barn Owl Maintenance Program

Abigail Call, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

  • Coyotes: Keeping the Peace

Keli Hendricks, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

  • Darting and Disentanglement of California Sea Lion

Greg Frankfurter, Oiled Wildlife Care Network

  • Effects of Dextrose on Survival of Cold Seabirds

Nancy Anderson, Oiled Wildlife Care Network

  • Ethics & Stress in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Marie Travers / January O. Bill, Bird Ally X

  • Food as Enrichment

Veronica Bowers, Native Songbird Care & Conservation

  • Orphan Opossum Care Made Easy

Leslie Bale, Opossum Society of the United States

  • Parasitology

Shannon Riggs, Pacific Wildlife Care

  • Parasitology

Shannon Riggs, Pacific Wildlife Care

  • Predator Exclusion Education Program

Linnaea Furlong, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

  • Raptors Are The Solution


  • Reducing Stress with DIY Induction Chamber

Bob Cisneros, Big Bear Alpine Zoo

  • Strategies for Effective Floor Management

Stephanie Herman, Oiled Wildlife Care Network

  • Terrible Towhees

Ashton Kluttz, The Bird Rescue Center

  • The Importance of Light in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Tomo Wiggans, Contra Costa Animal Eye Care

  • The Return of Wild Wolves

John Murtaugh, California Wolf Center

  • UCD Hummingbird Health Program: The Ins and Outs

Lisa Tell, UC Davis


  • Avian Pain Management

Michelle Hawkins, CA Raptor Center

  • Avian Physical Exam Lab Lecture

Rebecca Duerr, International Bird Rescue

  • Avian Physical Exam Laboratory

Rebecca Duerr, International Bird Rescue

  • Avian Wash Laboratory (Two identical sessions)

January Bill, Bird Ally X

  • Best Practices in Rehab Animal Welfare

Bob Cisneros, Big Bear Alpine Zoo

  • CDFW Update for Wildlife Rehabilitators

Nicole Carion, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Chlamydial Infections in Raptors in Rehabilitation

Michelle Hawkins, CA Raptor Center

  • Effective Enclosure Enrichment

Katlyn Wolzen, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

  • Fox, Coyote, and Skunk, Oh My!

Ruth McDunn / Ashley Kinney, Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

  • Getting It Out There: Engaging Social Media

Amber Engle, Lindsay Wildlife Museum

  • Habitat Gardening for our Wildlife

Veronica Bowers / Rachel Avilla, Native Songbird Care and Conservation

  • Rodent Identification: Clues and Methodology

Amber Engle, Lindsay Wildlife Museum

  • Rodenticide Exposure In California Wildlife

Stella McMillin, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Tips on Marketing your Small Nonprofit

Susan Pfau, 

  • Wild Birds: Neurological Disorders

Michelle Hawkins, VMD, DABVP, CA Raptor Center

  • Wordpress Websites for Wildlife Rehabilitators

Jeanette Stone, Pacific Wildlife Care

  • WRMD: Best Practices for Best Results

Devin Dombrowski, WRMD


  • Fun with Splinting Materials

Shannon Riggs, Pacific Wildlife Care

  • Show Us: Enrichment, Stress Reduction, Go Green

Ruth McDunn, Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

  • What is Evidence-based Medicine Anyway?

Rebecca Duerr, International Bird Rescue

  • Wild Fostering

Ashton Kluttz, The Bird Rescue Center