If you want to report an injured or orphaned animal, please contact a local wildlife rehabilitation facility. To find a facility in your area, visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

The California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (CCWR) represents a progressive group of dedicated wildlife specialists in California. Our members include wildlife rehabilitators, rescue, rehabilitation and service organizations and regulatory agencies.

Our members offer a full range of programs and services throughout the state, including public education, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, humane exclusion services, volunteer and employment opportunities.

Our Mission

The California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators is dedicated to advancing wildlife rehabilitation and supporting wildlife in a changing world.


If your facility is affected by an emergency, such as a fire, please contact webmaster@ccwr.org immediately and we can put out a call for assistance to members in your region.

January 2017 ENews!!!

  • Board of Director Meeting
  • Membership Update
  • Raccoon Roundworm: Study suggests subclinical infections in wildlife rehabilitators
  • In The Spotlight: Suzanne Mirviss and the Hungry Owl Project
  • CDFW January Calendar
  • News You Can Use
    • New Ocelot Den Found!
    • Gray Foxes Decimated by Disease in December
    • Waring Goggles and Flying Through Lasers
    • What Do Migrating Western Sandpipers Eat? Smile, Shorebirds, and a Scientific Mystery
    • Researchers Watching a New Chemical Turning Up in Wildlife
    • Crow Curiosities: Why their Feet Don’t Freeze
  • Video – Burrowing Owl corrected link – https://youtu.be/uz4_jwH05GA


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New Jobs/Internships Posted

New jobs/internships are posted.

Region 5

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern (CWC)
  • Wildlife Technician/Phone Assistant (2 seasonal positions – CWC)
  • Wildlife Technician (seasonal position – CWC)

Visit the Opportunities page and click on the Region 5 tab for more information.

Region 3

  • Seasonal Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship (PHS/SPCA)
  • Intern (WCSV)
  • Wildlife Technician-Substitute (Lindsay Wildlife Experience)

Visit the Opportunities page and click on the Region 3 tab for more information.